Kedarkantha Trek – Nov’23 to March’24

Updates for Kedarkantha trek:

  • Upcoming group departure for Kedarkantha trek (Nov to March) from Dehradun. Snow usually starts depositing  on trail from the later half of November and remains till late March to early April.
  • Private/customised tours to Kedarkantha for your own group/family is open as per your preferred date. TREK FEE will be same for a group of 8 to 9 persons i.e. ₹ 9950 + 5% GST per person (Sankri to Sankri) and will be proportianately lower for 10 persons or more in a private/customised tour.

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Altitude and distance graph
Temperature & clothing
How to reach the trek base
Snow during spring
Snow conditions during 2019-20 season

About the trek:

Probably you have searched for a winter or snow trekking trail in India and  landed on our Kedarkantha trek details page. It is indeed the most popular winter trekking destination in India. Kedarkantha  peak (Latitude 31.02257° N & Longitude 78.17185° E) is a low altitude mountain peak  at ~3810 m/12500 ft. The peak and trail are on the fringe of Govind National Park, Uttarakhand.

Kedarkantha peak summit at 12500 ft

The region marks the boundary with its neighbouring state Himachal Pradesh and situated in western flank of Uttarkashi district. Naturally the area is surrounded by Shivalik hills and approaching to high Himalayan snow peaks. From summit you can see a 360° panorama, very special during sunrise. Peaks like Swargarohini, Bandarpunch, Black Peak create the backdrop.

Sunrise and solitude at Kedarkantha top
High mountain peak views from Kedarkantha peak

Winter and Spring add snow and blooming of flowers, a nearly ideal experience for your Himalayan hiking destination. Surrounding Tons river valley, dotted with remote villages, snow capped mountain ranges in the horizon, and rich flora and fauna of the national park makes the short and easy hike to the Kedarkantha peak an enjoyable hiking experience.  In winter or spring, the trail remains covered with fresh snow. Snow patches amidst giant pine forest and snow covered meadow in this altitude, even late till spring, makes this trek a special one. Campsites in winter are mostly on or around snow. In spring during March and April another added bonus is the blooming of Rhododendrons. Temperatures are warmer than the harsh winter days but residual snow remains intact on higher altitude, specially on top and even till base camp.

Kedarkantha trail- welcome winter
Juda Ka Talab campsite

Winter summit to the Kedarkantha peak is indeed special. You will remember the summit push while breaking the dawn for long in your memory. Pictures can give you some feel, but not all 🙂

Towards Kedarkantha peak
Swargarohini group of peaks: Imposing peak on Kedarkantha trek

We believe that our HT support team can give you one of the most memorable experience of your lifetime. This is how you feel on the trek wit HT:

Kedarkantha trek: Happy faces

 Kedarkantha trek brief itinerary: 

Day 1: Drive from Dehradun to Sankri (~1930 m/6360 ft) – 200 Km – 9 to 10 hrs. Lodge or a guest house accommodation on a triple sharing basis.
Day 2: Trek to the campsite near to Juda Tal (~ 2800 m/9185 ft) – 5 Km- 4/5 hours. Twin sharing tent.
Day 3: Trek to Kedarkantha base (~ 3440 m/11285 ft) – 5 Km – 3 hours. Twin sharing tent.
Day 4: Trek to Kedarkantha Peak (~ 3800 m/12465 ft) – approx 2 to 3 hours climb – spend some time at the summit and back to Kedarkantha base – total 7 Km – 6/7 hours. Twin sharing tent.
Day 5: Trek to Sankri — 8 Km – 4/5 hours. Lodge or a guest house accommodation on a triple sharing basis.
Day 6: Drive from Sankri to Dehradun – 200 Km – 8/9 hours

Important note:

  • You need to reach on your own to Dehradun on Day 1 morning (latest by 7 am) or the previous night. Return to Dehradun on Day 6 evening (by 7 pm).  Arrange your tickets for inward journey and return from Dehradun accordingly. We will arrange transport to reach Sankri and return but are NOT included in the TREK FEE.
  • Last ATM is at Mori, 25 Km before Sankri but don’t depend till you reach  here. Withdraw cash well in advance either in Dehradun,  Naugaon or Purola.
  • Only BSNL and Jio network may work at trek base Sankri, that too with limited connections. Make a phone call back to home from Mori while reaching Sankri. After Sankri there is no presence of network.

 Altitude & Distance Profile Graph for Kedarkantha TREK:  

Here you will get a pictorial idea, before going to some facts and details.

Kedarkantha trek: Altitude and distance profile

Campsites during winter Kedarkantha trek:

In winter Juda Ta Talab starts freezing around mid December and by month end the area receives moderate amount of snow (around 6 inch up to a feet). Surrounding conifer jungle set up creates the perfect back drop and a sudden snowfall can turn this site powdery and surreal :-). Snow remains as late as mid of March in this campsite.

Juda Ka Talao (PC: Divya Ramakrishnan)
A busy day at Kedarkantha base

Temperature range during Kedarkantha trek:

Winter (Dec to Feb) temperature: From December to February during winter the daytime temp remains cool and nights are cold. Night/early morning temperatures (when it usually reaches minimum) will be approximately as following

Sankri: 2°C to 0°C
Juda Tal: -2°C to -5°C
Kedarkantha base: -5°C to -10° C.

Note that the temperature will be around 6° to 8°C warmer at a given place inside the tent, and still, the temperature inside the tent can be freezing. Keep adequate warm layers with you.

Spring (Mar-Apr) & Autumn (Oct-Nov) temperature: Day time weather remains pleasant and nights are cooler.

Night/early morning temperatures at camp sites  can be from 8-10°C (lower camps/Juda Tal) to 0-2°C (higher camps/Kedarkantha base)

What type of clothing should I bring for this trek?

It is important to carry proper clothing on this trek. Three layers of clothing are recommended at the campsite in the early morning or evening while you are outside your tent.

  1. Base layer (moisture-wicking layer; use synthetic and avoid cotton): A quick-dry base layer (dry-fit t-shirt, half or full sleeves) & trekking pants (synthetic, preferably quick-dry, and some wind- or water-proof material is useful)
  2. Mid layer (warm clothing): Usually a warm jacket (synthetic, hollow fibre, fleece, or down jacket, etc.), but you may use combinations of layers as well (e.g., a light jacket + hoodies + a sweater or a thermal, which you may already have with you).
  3. Outer layer (weatherproofing): a windproof and waterproof jacket with a hood is best, or a poncho or raincoat.

Note that we don’t have any gear renting facilities, although at some bases, you may get a few on the spot. You may read our opinion on whether should you buy or rent your trekking gear to get a broader understanding.

Check a comprehensive List of things to carry in a himalayan trek or download the PDF. Also read how to choose right trekking gear before purchasing any gear.

Access to trek base Sankri:

We may arrange a pickup  from Dehradun to Sankri and return. This will be on a cost to cost basis and shared by the availing team members. You pay directly to the driver, sharing equally.  The fare is ₹ 6000 for a Tata Sumo, one way and can accommodate 5 to 6 people. Whereas a Tempo Traveller charges ₹ 900 (10 to 12 seats) one way. Approximately, ₹ 2000 per person when you avail both ways. This cost is not included in the TREK FEE.

Or else you may reach Sankri independently and join us here. Here is a road map with major points en route to Sankri.

Reaching our trek base Sankri

 Do we get snow in Kedarkantha trek during spring (March/April)?

Being in Uttarkashi district and due to proximity with the Himachal border, Kedarkantha trail normally receives moderate to heavy snowfall from December to February. Quite naturally winter snow deposition remains as late as April. Also a fresh snowfall in not rare even in spring on altitude around ~ 3000 m/10000 ft or above.  In general you will get patches of snow in and around Juda Tal campsite. As you climb higher, you will encounter more snow. From Kedarkantha base to the summit, normally the trail will be covered with moderate snow (around 6 inches). Another advantage of Kedarkantha spring trek is that the temperature will be warmer comparing to winter months and more conducive to trekkers who don’t feel like getting into subzero temperature throughout. Plus blooming of Rhododendron in the stretch between Sankri to Juda Ka Talao is definitely a bonus in spring :-).

Kedarkantha during spring. Photos by Abhijit Mitra

Past snow updates for Winter-Spring:


Check here for latest update from Kedarkantha trail along with fresh photos during early December 2019. You will have an understanding of current snow condition and forecast for the season. You should get moderate snow in mid to late December . Heavy snow from December end to January end is expected this time. February is normally not conducive for this trek due to harshest winter conditions with heavy deposited snow. March and April, i.e. spring season is ideal for snow spring trek, when weather starts getting warmer.


As of beginning of March, 2019, Kedarkantha peak may have accumulated “4 foot snow barrier“. February is always been the harshest month on mountains, cold and snowy. This winter promised good snow by mid December.  Till mid Jan 2019 we got expected snow of 1 to 2 Ft varying from Juda Tal to the Kedarkantha peak.  Then came the snow storm which poured more than 2 Ft snow at Sankri in itself. Summit to Kedarkantha peak was a mini expedition (just joking) mostly in February. Groups trekked to Juda Tal, camped there , hiked around and returned frequently. Occasional small sized groups reached the summit.

Sankri: Few days after late January 2019 snowstorm 

As the spring approaches, our spring trek groups are starting from 10th March, 2019. It is needless to say that Kedarkantha trail will remain covered with moderate to heavy snow in March and could very possibly till end of April 2019. Till mid of March it will be challenging to reach the summit, but will ease out if there is no further significant snowfall.

Juda Ta Talab: Mid March 2019

Finally Kedarkantha summit opened again on 18th March’19, as the first team after a long break reached the summit of Kedarkantha. Entire February and till mid of March snow was just too much to deal with and no team was able to reach summit. These are the pictures of our team who summit Kedarkantha on  24th March’19. This year snow will remain on summit till May beginning for sure.

Kedarkantha trail to summit opened March 2019 (PC: Santanu)
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Why treks with HT?

Highest Point3820 m/12500 ft
Trail Length25 Km
Expertise:10 years on ground experience
Support staff:Qualified local & office staff
Group size:Small groups up to 15
Insurance:Travel insured trek and tour itinerary
Easy Bookings:25% Booking Deposit
Kedarkantha trek

Tour Reviews

4.89 based on 18 reviews
April 18, 2022

I did Kedarkantha Trek with HT in April 2022. This was the first time, I had enrolled with them. Overall my experience was superb. Right from home stay at Sankri till the summit completion, arrangements were an amazing. Everyday we were given hot and delicious mouth watering meals with deserts, which wasn’t expected at the heights of mountain s… On the Summit day, after a certain point, I thought of giving up the trek as it was tiring, however the trek guide (Arjun) and his team supported and motivated me a lot and due to which I was able achieve the summit!!! At the beginning and end of each phase of the trek, the trek lead gave us detailed briefing, which helped me understand how the day would be.. Every day, he took stretching sessions, so that we can achieve our goals. He also taught us how to setup the tent.
I would definitely like to do more treks with HT in future !!!

January 14, 2022

This was my first ever long trek and that too a winter one. I did not go with any expectations but I would say they have set their standards so high that you won’t be disappointed even if you had your expectations high.
They are quite professional and provide good and foremost experienced guides which is quite essential for such types of treks and along with good food.
These people take in small number of groups unlike the other trekking companies which is an added bonus as this makes sure that you will be well taken care of. We were a group of 9 people (15 os their limit) and we were provided with 2 guides which meant that even the slow trekkers like myself were very much part of the group and not left in between the long journeys.
And the guides made sure that we competed our treks (all we needed was their help and support during the entire journey)

January 23, 2021

The whole trip was organised and Executed well. We all had a great time in the Mountains..
Just a request that the micro spikes should be made available in all sizes.. The spikes were of nearly same size, and some people faced issues as they were loose.

December 31, 2020

Hello Rhik, the trip was a very well organised one. Food was great, Prakash and Sonuj were perfect guides.Very good experience for us, thank you very much!I also want to thank the entire group for great company, warmth and friendliness! One suggestion from me is to provide better sleeping bag in Juda lake camp site as it wasn’t warm enough. Base camp sleeping bag was much better and quite warm.

January 30, 2020

Thanks HT team.. special thanks to Prakash, Dev, Vijay n others.
Food & Hospitality – as expected from HT..
Stay – great effort by HT team (day & night) to keep the tent intact in spite of the heavy snowfall.
Trekking guidance – excellent work by Prakash, and helping us make it to summit even after losing a day.
Emergency response – special thanks to Prakash to have taken care of the team whenever medical assistance was required.
Overall, we are satisfied with our experience with HT again.

January 24, 2020

Snow snow everywhere!!!But all in all it was a wonderful trip..organised beautifully! Very thankful for the hot food provided by very warm HT folks up there at an altitude of 10k ft. Thanks HT for giving us this beautiful experience!

February 5, 2019

There’s always something special about doing something for the first time! My First Himalayan trek that was Kedarkantha were with Himalayan trekkers (HT), had one of the great experience all thanks to team HT, me along with 6 other people from Mumbai had the best of times there at Kedarkantha trek, its an summit trek which involves trekking 3 days upto 12500 feets in snow, pines forests and where temperature could get freezing at night, we did all quite comfortably, Sapta the founder of HT explains really well about the trek before at the time of inquiring and very helpful and understanding about the needs and situation, the guide along with local people ensured we are comfortable in the tricky times and were provided with best of guidance,food and help whenever needed,the ground staff are amazing, warm, knowledgeable and serves with the smile, i Strongly recommend everyone to choose Himalaya trekker and live those memorable moments in lap of nature.

January 14, 2019

Kedarkantha trek – This was my first Himalayan trek and I was in two minds to go with Himalaya trekkers intially. Having understood the way the niche market they operate in, the restrictions on the group size, I gave it a shot, and the experience was nothing less than breathtaking!

The food, the facilities, and the support staff provided utmost care and support.

The local guide, Chandra Prakash, was best in class. Knows in and out about the trek and yet has been modest through out the trek. Trekking with Prakash has been more than an adventure trip. Being a local, he has connected to each member at a personal level. He kept engaging with the group telling us how the life in mountains is and how important it is to remain modest as any amount of experience would not help if the mountains intend to pull you down. He has simple anologies of connecting nature to the behavioural instincts, say, asking us to bend our heads down to the low height doors of the houses in the mountains and connecting it to the fact that mountains teach to bow the head down always, to avoid calamaties.

Apart from the great technical experience he’s got in guiding the members over a trek, he has rubbed off his charm over all of us, and has shown us an all new perspective of what it demands to be a human. His basic gestures to voluntarily offer a solo traveller one of his own crampon (spikes) and trekking with one crampon during the night enabled a young soul to reach the summit and watch the beautiful sunrise!

With Prakash and team, we never felt left alone. He always went the extra mile to take care about the safety of the members. He views the trek more as an opportunity to provide an unforgettable and a safe experience to the members than just mere business.

I’m glad I chose Himalaya Trekkers, and I sure am looking forward to do more treks with them!
Thanks team.
Best Regards,

March 30, 2018

Great team at Himalaya trekkers for Kedarkantha trek. I have trekked with different groups but this is far the best trekking company. Small group size and details were taken care of. I would recommend Himalaya Trekkers and definitely trek again with them.

January 8, 2018

This was my first Himalaya trek and it was a really wonderful experience, the support staff during the trek was really very well trained, the food provided to us during the trek was like the food we get at home A-1 quality, and the best part which I experienced by choosing HT was the small group which was really continent. I’ll defiantly choose HT For my next winter trek 🙂 .

December 22, 2017

We went to Kedarkantha on DEC 16,2017 with you. We had an incredible experience which we’ll cherish it forever. Every thing was very well organised right from transportation, food, guide and accommodation. Our trek guide Mr.Chandra Prakash took care of us really well. We’re glad to have trekked with you.Hope to do many more treks with Himalaya Trekkers in the future.

February 6, 2017

We went on the Kedarkantha trek with Himalaya Trekkers in Dec,06 and experience was breathtaking, staff was friendly always ready to help in any way they can. Who could have imagined we would be eating such delicious foods at the height of 13000 ft. They made it possible. They offer you freedom and peace to enjoy nature as you like. So GO For It, and GO With HT 🙂

December 20, 2016

We went on the Kedarkantha trek with Himalaya Trekkers in December 2016 and we had a fabulous experience with the team. They specialize in small groups offering a very personalized experience, without compromising on the professional management aspect. The staff went out of their way to accommodate every request we made and always served with a smile. They were highly knowledgeable and experienced, and became our friends by the end of the trip. The best part of HT, as against many other “renowned” operators, is they offer you freedom and peace to enjoy nature as you like, without intruding on your personal space and bombarding you with unnecessary rules or regimen-like group activities. So if you are just looking to enjoy nature, listen to the silence of the mountains, or bond with the local smiling faces, HT is the best trekking partner for you..if you are looking for a college excursion party, look elsewhere…

May 9, 2016

It really feels great when you go up a mountain, reach its summit, spend good one hour dazing the snow-capped peaks around, looking down upon the clouds and return with the tales of achievement. It is not just the four days of trekking amidst the pine trees or on the snow, but the entire phase of planning, preparation (both physical fitness and logistics).
Would it not have been the guidance that I received regarding the choice of clothing, shoes, physical training schedule, right at the onset, completing the summit could be difficult.
No, it was not just the walk, but knowing the place, people, their lifestyle, listening the tales of other trekkers, setting up a camp and sleeping in the blue tent under the starry sky.
I will look forward for another trek with you guys, in some other magical destination.

April 5, 2016

I am very much happy with your service especially the hospitality and service … Amit was so informative and gelling up with us easily … Kind hearted person and will take care of people very nicely. Special thanks to Chandra Prakash, Rana for supporting Aunties to climb the peak and Thanks to Upendra for delicious timely food. Please avoid giving Bread and Jam for breakfast …. I feel it is dry and cant eat more …

March 28, 2016

Excellent trek. Very co-operative and helpful staff. Very good guide. They were giving lot of things to eat. Cheerful and very much friendly – great place.

March 19, 2016

Firstly, I would like to thanks Sapta for arranging KK trek within very short notice. I usually not prefer to go with trek agency due to miss management but here I found everything was arranged in proper way like camping, equipment, and food. Our cook Kamal prepared very good food during the trek. For every trek the team members and team size is very important. If team size is limited then guide can take proper care and I found the same is here. It was really memorable trek for me. Thanks Himalaya Trekkers for given opportunity to walk with you. Cheers.

January 16, 2016

My first trekking was with HT. Initially, i was so scared, but later on i really enjoyed a lots throughout the Trek. Starting from day 1 up to last day HT team guides us very carefully and properly. Those days were unforgettable to me. All the arrangements were very good. But one Suggestion from my side is, It would be better if HT provides the Trekking Shoe to those who are really need that. During trekking,I saw that some people (including me) were facing really difficulties.

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