Check this list for your choice of “easy grade” treks in the Himalayas.

We consider the following attributes to classify a trek as ‘Easy trek.”

  • Trekking Duration: Should not be more than 5 days of walking.
  • Trail Length: Within 50 Km.
  • Trekking time per day: On an average 5 hours per day. There can be a day of 3/4 hours walk and an odd day with 6/7 hours.
  • Physicality: Up to 5.5/10 in relative scale.
  • Maximum altitude: Within 13000 ft/4000 m.
  • Altitude gain per day: Within 2000 ft/600 m per day. Rarely you may have to climb more.
  • Trail type: Wide well defined trail. No tricks or manoeuvres required. It does NOT involve walking on different type of terrains like boulders, scree, mud, snow, ice, moraine etc.
Hiking will be on relatively soft terrain in Easy treks

As per fitness required for easy treks, you must be having an active daily routine. Meaning, you should be comfortable walking 3 Km in 30 minutes with a load of 5/6 rucksack.

For your first Himalayan trek, these are the most suitable option. You will get choice of treks in Darjeeling/Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir/Ladakh. Many of these treks are equally charming even if you have done prior treks in the Himalayas.

Most of these treks require you to camp, i.e. to stay in tents. Few treks are Tea House or Homestay style treks where you will stay in small lodge/homestay accommodations.

We recommend some of these as family friendly treks, where you can take your kids as well.

Choosing right season for the trek is equally important. There is a trek for every season, be it spring/summer, fall/autumn, winter or even in monsoon.

Below is the list of Easy grade treks in Himalayas. Do check the upcoming treks schedule for which are already scheduled.


Bagji Bugyal Trek

Bagji Bugyal trek - A short hike to captivating mountain views About the
per person

Barsey Nature Trail

Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary trek: Barsey, also spelled Varsey (Location 27.1942° N, 88.1183° E)
per person
Bhrigu lake trek

Bhrigu Lake Trek

22nd and 29th May
5.00 / 1 review
per person
brahma tal trek

Brahmatal Trek

Brahmatal Trek: Upcoming group fixed departures for Brahmatal trek starting on 25th Dec,
4.83 / 12 reviews
per person

Darjeeling Tea Gardens Trek

Darjeeling Tea Garden Trek: A hiking trail inside tea plantations, along a river,
per person
dayara bugyal trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek: Upcoming group fixed departures to Dayara trek starting on  22nd
5.00 / 1 review
per person
Chandrashila Deoriatal Trek

Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek

Deoriatal Chopta Chandrashila Trek: We are open for private/customised treks for your own
per person

Dodital Trek

Dodital & Darwa Top Trek: About Dodital trek Dodital trek is sweet trail
5.00 / 2 reviews
per person
Har ki dun trek

Har Ki Dun Trek

Har Ki Dun Trek (camping variant): Below is your complete guide to the
5.00 / 6 reviews
per person
Kedarkantha trek

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek - Nov'23 to March'24 Updates for Kedarkantha trek: Upcoming group departure
4.89 / 18 reviews
per person

Maenam Hill trek

Maenam trek: If you want to include a hike in your Sikkim tour,
per person

Marchoi Valley Trek

Marchoi Valley trek: Marchoi valley is a rare trek in Kashmir which is
per person