List of things to carry on a trek


List of things to carry on a Himalayan Trek:

Below is a list of personal articles which are required for a trek on the Himalayas. This guide helps you to give an idea about the things that you need to bring in as a trek member. Depending upon the number of days of trek, the articles quantity may vary and this list is made considering the trek duration being 5 to 7 days (week long treks). Always try to avoid unnecessary toiletries which are heavy and of little use on mountain. Pack light.

For selection of personal gear/equipment and backpacking please read the articles carefully, before buying an item:

Item Quantity Remarks
Sleeping Bag 1 HT will provide. Bring your personal one rated for high altitude in case you have. Personal one is always better for hygiene.
Sleeping Mattress (Foam/Rubber) 1 HT will provide.
Trekking Shoe 1  A good quality rubber sole with ankle support (Medium or high ankle) shoe. Break in well in advance that you don’t face any sores/blisters when you are on mountains. Waterproof quality is highly advisable.
Rucksack/Back Pack 1 Must, Between 40 to 50 Litre
Rucksack cover (Waterproof) 1 Good to have for protection from rain/dust/stain etc.
Daypack/Knap sack 1 Optional (Can carry along with you with water bottle, food, camera and wind/water proof etc) if you want to offload your Rucksack in permitable routes.
Thermal wear (Base Layer) 1 pair Upper and lower (Woolycot). Must for winter treks.
Under garments/Inner wear As per need
Cotton socks 2/3 pair Use full length socks (Don’t use tennis socks)
Woolen socks 1 pair Nice to have
Woolen gloves 1 pair Must
Waterproof gloves 1 pair Optional. Useful especially on high altitude treks where snow/ice is encountered.
T-shirt 3/4 As per need. Take at least one dry fit/quick dry type of synthetic material.
Trek pants 2 Can be Track pants (Avoid cotton), 3 quarter/Cargo or Convertible kind. One dry fit lower of synthetic material is recommended.
Camp sandal 1 pair Can be a strap on sports sandal/Hawaiian sleeper.
Balaclava/Woolen skull cap/Monkey Cap 1 Must for protection from cold.
Sun cap/Wide-brimmed Hat/Bandana 1 Protection from sun.
Walking Sticks/Trekking Poles/Ski Poles 1 pair Nice to have, reduces the pressure on knees and gives balance specially while descending.
Warm/Heavy Jacket 1 Must. Double  layer/Fleece/Synthetic fill/Down feather jacket. This is your Mid layer clothing.
Windproof Jacket/Wind Cheater 1 Must. A hooded one of water resistant/repellent material. This is the outermost layer of clothing.
Raingear/Poncho/Waterproof clothing 1 This is must, especially in monsoon. Separate upper (with hood) and lower is better option.
Water bottle/Hydration pack 1 Good quality plastic.
Sunglasses 1 This is must for all the high altitude treks. Polarised/Anti glare is always a better option in snow with UV400 (UV A & B) protection. Trekkers with spectacle can order customised powered sunglasses.
Sunscreen lotion 1 Optional. At least 30/40 SPF.
Chap Stick/Cold & Moisturising cream Optional. As per need. Use small tubes/bottles.
Tooth brush and tooth paste 1 Carry smallest available tube of tooth paste.
Towel 1 Medium size (light weight).
Soap/Soap strip 1 Carry small pocket size soap, or Soap strip.
Hand sanitiser 1 Optional. Small bottle
Tissue roll ( Toilet) 1 This is a must item as water may not be available in the vicinity.
Anti Fungal Powder 1 Optional. This helps to keep the socks and the trek shoe drier and odour free to an extent. Carry smallest container.
Knee cap 1 pair Optional. Makes a difference especially if you have knee injures/problems (Neoprene added variant is better).
Torch/Head Lamp with extra batteries 1 Must. Head torch keeps your hands free.
Camera with extra cells 1 Optional. Normally there is no charging point on the Himalayan trek routes, carry sparebatteries/powerbank.
Dry food items Kit Must. Carry some dry fruits, chocolate/energy/protein bars and Glucon D/Tang/Getorade
Personal First-Aid kit Kit Optional – Anti septic cream, Betadine/Dettol/Savlon, Band aid, cotton, crepe bandage, safety pin etc.
Medicine kit


(This is a simple guide line and a doctor’s consultation is recommended.)



a)      General medicines comprising of headache, fever, vomiting, stomach upset and pain killer (Volini gel/spray)

b)     Anti Diarrhoearal

c)      Antibiotics – ( choose broad spectrum antibiotics for treating a variety of infections – carry a course of each)

d)     Mild analgesics – (Aspirin/Paracetamol etc but DONOT take Codeine based painkillers).

e)      Strong analgesics ( Co-Proxamol/Ponstan/Temgesic, use with care).

f)       Anti inflammatory (Nurofen or diclofenac sodium)

g)     Diamox – This helps in acclimatisation (a proper dosage is must if taken. Drink lot of water as this is a diuretic drug.

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