Lockdown revelation: Now Himalayas can be seen from far away cities


Some respite for environment as pollution level drastically reduced amid coronavirus lockdown in India. Despite immense misery perhaps this is one positive outcome, for the time being. Over polluted Indian cities are experiencing the cleanest of air since several years. As per a report of GREENPEACE, air quality in top ten polluted Indian cities improved drastically during initial days of nationwide lockdown. Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) published various ‘Air Quality” data for Lockdown 1.0 here.

As a result Himalayan mountain ranges are visible from far away Indian cities and town. Indeed a special gift to us, the Himalayan lovers. Thanks to the much improved Air Quality Index (AQI).

It is no surprise that Kanchenjunga massif showed up from Siliguri city, West Bengal, earlier this week. Every year the residents can enjoy the magnificent mountain view at least for few days during autumn and winter. Although it is fairly uncommon to get a view during summer. Kanchendzongha massif is approximately 100 km away from Siliguri, as the crow flies! Here is a picture clicked by a resident:

Kanchenjunga massif in late April (PC: Twitter@mundhrashish)

Early in April, residents of Jalandhar, Punjab were literally awestruck, when Himalayas unveiled to them. People could see Dhauladhar mountain range in Himachal Pradesh, some 200 Km away. This happened decades later, in 30 years, as the residents told to the media.

Dhauladhar range from Jalandhar in early April (Photo: Indian Express by Anju Agnihotri)

Another addition to the list is Saharanpur town in Uttar Pradesh. In late April residents witnessed snow clad Himalayan range and peaks. Few identified one such as Gangotri range. aerially ~ 150 Km.

Himalayan peaks from Saharanpur, UP (Photo: Twitter/rameshpandeyifs/Dushyant)

As we are approaching another round of Lockdown 3.0, it is almost certain that more and more of these sightings. What environmental changes did you notice around you? You can also watch these mountain and climbing movies which are truly inspirational. As usual would look forward for your comments.

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