5 great summer treks in India for beginners


So, me and my friends are planning a trek this summer. Which is the best trek?

Often I answer your above question over phone and probably try to narrow based upon your inputs. Here is a difficult task for me to choose 5 great summer treks in India for beginners. Hope after reading this it will be easier for you to choose the right trek in summer.

For a fact check,  I have trekked in excess of 40 different routes in last 2 decades. Many of these routes more than once, in different seasons. The routes covered different regions in Indian Himalayas from Easy to Difficult grade treks. Believe me, I have not been to a trek till date, which I thought as NOT GOOD. 😆

This makes it more difficult for me to decide a best trek. Though I am confident enough to give you a set of 5 great treks in India which you can surely think this summer as a beginner.

So what did you consider while selecting the 5 great summer treks for beginners?

It is better to spend some time, think of your priority and then choose your trek. Below are my checkpoints or key  factors to concise and shortlist the treks:

Season/Month: Yes, these treks are perfectly fine from mid April to Mid June in summer.

Region: I understand some of you prefer Uttarakhand, some Eastern Himalayas and some probably Himachal Pradesh. I choose 3 treks for Uttarakhand. Don’t hesitate, it is defacto the heartland of Indian Himalayas.

Duration & Trail length: Here I dropped the short weekend treks. Its summer vacation time and I took the liberty to choose treks spanning 4/5 days and covering 35 Km to 50 Km of length.

Trek Grades: I included Easy and Moderate treks. Many of you are fit enough for Moderate treks and none of these are higher than 14000 ft. These are safe for the beginners.

Terrain variety: There is enough terrain variety. Remember that one trek route can’t give you all. These trails will go through pristine forests, river valleys, rolling meadows, few trails crossing over a pass to open a different vista, from green and wet to arid and dry landscapes. On a clear day all the trails are fairly good for snow capped high Himalayan peak views.

Accommodation: Most of you are really looking for a camping experience, right? Yes, most of these are. What if you are not sure about staying in a tent? Don’t worry, I have one Tea House trek for you here in the list.

Popularity vs offbeat: Popular treks have definitive reasons for being so. At the same time many of you will think that even in a trek I will walk and camp with 100 other trekkers? I included both to choose from.

Not just nature: First time you are plunging in Himalayas. Wouldn’t it be a nice experience to get some essence of culturally rich yet people with simple lifestyle? Yes, you will come across interior villages in most of these trails.

I acknowledge that the above factors are not all and exhaustive. Beside this, the following routes are delightful for experience trekkers too. One last thing, the list is not in any order of preference! Here you go:

5 great summer treks in India for beginners

1. Sandakphu trek: Hide n seek of Rhododendrons and Sleeping Buddha

Sandakphu trek: – PC. Debjani

Highlights: || Darjeeling/Nepal || 6D/5N || 45 Km trek in 4 and a quarter day || Easy || Tea House trek || Popular || Villages || Ridge trek, Rhododendron bloom and spectacular panorama of peaks ||

Tips: Complete this trek by mid May. From late May chance of rain becomes fairly high.

2. Har Ki Dun trek: How green is the valley of Gods?

Har Ki Dun trek – PC. Grant

Highlights: || Uttarakhand || 7D/6N || 50 Km trek in 5 days || Easy || Camping trek || Popular || Villages || River valleys and peaks ||

Tips: Do this trek anytime between mid April to mid June. You may get residual snow as late as end of May.

3. Kuari Pass trek on Curzon’s trail: The old school charm of crossing a pass

Kuari pass on Curzon’s trail trek: PC. Arunava

Highlights: || Uttarakhand || 7D/6N || 50 Km trek in 5 days || Easy || Camping trek || Offbeat || Villages || River valleys, crossing a pass and panorama of peaks ||

Tips: This is ideal from mid May to Mid June.

4. Hampta Pass trek: A trans Himalayan branch in Himachal

Hampta pass trek

Highlights: || Himachal Pradesh || 6D/5N || 35 Km trek in 4 days || Moderate || Camping trek || Popular || River valley, crossing a pass, peaks of Pir Panjal range ||

Tips: Choose this trek between mid June to mid July.

5. Ali & Bedni Bugyal trek:  Unbeaten trail away from crowd

Ali & Bedni Bugyal trek

Highlights: || Uttarakhand || 6D/5N || 35 Km trek in 4 days || Moderate || Camping trek || Offbeat || Villages || sprawling alpine meadows, closeup view of high peaks ||

Tips: Choose this trek between mid May to mid June when meadows become green.

Note: This is purely author’s opinion. As a company HT does arrange the above treks apart from summer as well.

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