Har Ki Dun Status: Closed during Dec 2019 to Feb 2020


Like last few years, Har Ki Dun is closed for the tourists/trekkers during this winter again. This came as a notice from the office of Govind National Park, dated 26th November 2019. Here is the summary of the order:

  1. Starting from 1st December 2019 until 29th February 2020, Har Ki Dun trek will remain closed to visitors.
  2. Other high altitude treks inside this nation park will also remain closed to trekkers. These treks are Borasu Pass, Ruinsara and Bali Pass, Devkyara, and Rupin Pass.
  3. Kedarkantha remains unaffected due to this notice.

Below is the photocopy of the notice issued from Deputy chief’s office, Govind National Park, Purola Division.

Notice photocopy issued on 26th November 2019

The notice states “security” being the reason of the above order.

From 2016-17 winters, every year a similar notice issued before winter. We anticipated this and didn’t plan any Har Ki Dun trek in winters, although many did and had to cancel later on.

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