Tarsar Marsar Trek 2022 called off until Amarnath Yatra completes || Alternate options


Tarsar Marsar Trek 2022 update

Here is an important update regarding the Tarsar Marsar trek that you have booked with us, HT. This is also helpful to trekkers who have not yet booked the trek and are in their planning stage.

Due to Amarnath Yatra Indian army and govt authorities are not allowing anyone to go ahead of Pahalgam apart from the pilgrims/Yatris. This is probably for security reasons.

We were waiting in the hope that eventually as the Amarnath Yatra settles in, the army will again allow the tourists to go ahead to Aru. However this seems unlikely now as long the Yatra continues. Most likely the authorities will only allow tourists to go ahead of Pahalmgam after the closing of Amarnath Yatra which is supposed to end on Raksha Bandhan. So in possibility the route will not open to trekkers 2nd half of August 2022.

Now the easiest approach to Tarsar Marsar is from Aru valley which is ahead of Pahalgam. There is no other way to reach basecamp Aru than via Pahalgam route. There is a different trail covering Tarsar Marsar lakes bypassing Aru. Although Gagangir – Basmai Pass (lake) – Satlanjan – Tarsar – Marsar – Sonmasti – Sumbhal trail is longer and is considerably harder than our regular Tarsar Marsar route.

As a result we are forced to call off our Tarsar Marsar treks that we planned until mid of August 2022.

At the same time we understand how you trekkers have planned this trek for months now. For the love of the mountains and travel, here we propose the following alternates. Each option has its pros and cons read thoroughly.

We hope that at least any one of these will work for all, if not more.

Option 1: Kashmir Great Lakes (KGL) trek:

This trek is most likely to suit most of you, if not all. Look at our usual KGL itinerary carefully.

Day 1: Drive from Srinagar airport/city to Sitkari (Trek base 2 Km before Sonamarg) – 85 Km – 3 hours. Camp.
Day 2: Trek to Nichnai – 11 Km – 7/8 hours. Camp.
Day 3: Trek to Vishansar Lake – 12 Km – 6/7 hours. Camp.
Day 4: Rest and active acclimatisation Day. Hike to Kishansar lake and back – 2 hours. Camp.
Day 5: Trek to Gadsar (after the lake near army camp) – 14 Km – 7/8 hours. Camp.
Day 6: Trek to Mengendhop via Satsar – 10 Km – 5/6 hours. Camp.
Day 7: Trek to Nundkol lake (near Gangabal lake) – 8 Km – 5/6 hours – visit Gangabal lake and return – 2 hours. Camp.
Day 8 (6th/20th Aug): Trek to Naranag – 11 Km – 5/6 hours – 70 Km drive to Srinagar – 3 hours. You should reach Srinagar by 7 to 8 pm.
Day 9: Mandatory reserve day. Must due to weather or any other unforeseen conditions. (If not utilised during the trek then you can spend the day in Srinagar.)
Day 10: Fly from Srinagar (anytime) or later.

For route details, difficulties, photos, and other useful information in the below link:

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The above schedule should fit with a note that KGL is a day longer than Tarsar Marsar. However you all should have tickets earliest on Day 9 (condering Tarsar Marsar) if not later. You may not have the mandatory buffer day as suggested in the itinerary. You may reconsider to postpone a day or as in most of the cases people will not require this day.

Both are moderate treks, KGL is longer trail length and strenuous than Tarsar Marsar. It has 6 to 8 hours of walking everyday. At the same time it has an acclimatisation day within the itinerary which helps a lot. In the recent past, first time Himalayan trekkers/beginners also completed this trail, definitely having a decent level of fitness and walking on an average 10 km per day.

Option 2: Vishansar – Kishansar lake trek

This is a spin-off from KGL trek and upto the first twin lakes Vishansar-Kishansar and back. A relaxed entry level moderate trek. This exactly fits your previous Tarsar Marsar itinerary and a good option for those who are thinking KGL can be “difficult” or can’t really afford an extra day of leave.

Day 1: Drive from Srinagar airport/city to Sitkari (Trek base 2 Km before Sonamarg) – 85 Km – 3 hours. Camp.
Day 2: Trek to Table top – 5 Km – 3/4 hours. Camp.
Day 3: Trek to Nichnai – 6 Km – 4/5 hours. Camp.
Day 4: Trek to Vishansar Lake – 12 Km – 6/7 hours. Camp.
Day 5: Rest day. Visit Kishansar lake, climb Gadsar pass and return to Vishansar camp. 4/5 hours.
Day 6: Trek to Nichnai – 12 Km – 4/5 hours. Camp.
Day 7: Trek to Sitkari – 11 Km – 5/6 hours – Drive to Srinagar – 85 Km – 3 hours. You should reach by 7 to 8 pm.
Day 8: Mandatory reserve day.
Day 9: Fly from Srinagar (anytime) or later.

Option 3: Full refund of your Booking Deposit

Last but not the least, if neither of the works for you, we will full refund your deposited amount.

Let us know your thoughts. Discuss with us to understand which may be a better option for you. Get in touch through comments section or any of the following persons:

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